Local Corruption Of Sheriff Larry Campbell And State Attorney Willie Meggs Exposed In Book: Hell Makers and War Makers in America

Please Click Here To Read Some Text From The Book Available On Amazon For $19.99 In Paperback.

Hell Makers and War Makers in America | by Daniel L. Meier

Book Description
Publication Date: January 12, 2011

This (Non-Fiction) book exposes outragous, brutal, specific, extreme, illegal, criminal activity by the U.S. Government Judges, Attorney Generals, Corporations, Prosecutors, Government Officials and others (by name) and their violation of the Consitution, laws, court rules, human rights, and the Geneva Convention. See illegal Political favors being exchanged for Abductions, Kidnappings, Attempted Murder, False Imprisonment, Extortion, and more on completely innocent citizens. It also presents how what was happening in the Roman Empire is happening today in America and also specifically shows the implementation of the Police State in America with a walk through of specifically who is responsible, how they are doing it, and how the judicial system and laws are maliciously ignored, manipulated, and controlled regardless of the law. It is based on the absolute truth no matter who is responsible and also has a great deal of biblical reference to demonstrate the repeat of historical parallels. It is also one of the most important books to expose the secretive, intentional, and violent overthrow of a government while it is happening in modern day history. It is the most important book you may ever read if you value freedom. This book is one corrupt individuals the U.S. government tried to keep you from reading by actually targeting and attacking the author then losing at the jury trial! This book must be the absolute truth, because all the perpetrators exposed are afraid to sue the author for fear of being exposed even more, and losing on top of it in a jury trial! Expect to eventually see some snide remarks in the comments section by the perpetrators who failed at preventing the book from being written!

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