An E-Mail From A Reader — IMPORTANT: Investigate Miami Dade Court Case # 2008-19978-CA-01.

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Investigate Miami Dade County Court Case #2008-19978-CA-01.

And you will uncover, Public Corruption, Obstruction of Justice, Civil Rights Violation, Abuse of Power, Police Harassment.


Done by Elected official Nancy Simon,

Town of Miami Lakes Police Commander Frank Cole Bocanegra.

Miami Dade Commission on Ethics Investigator Kennedy Rosario.

Miami Dade County Judge Ronald Friedman.

And Miami Dade Police Public Corruption Major Carlos Garcia.


Gus Abella is willing to take a polygraph at any given time, and invites and request

that Miami Dade Commisssion on Ethics Investigator Kennedy Rosario be present /


Partakes at this same given time to a Polgraph and answer 7 questions from Gus Abella.



“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Many of the complaints filed at the Miami Dade Commission on Ethics by Miami Lakes residents and Miami Lakes Police Officers against Town of Miami Lakes Police Commander Bocanegra and Nancy Simon were obstructed and burried by MDCOE Investigator Kennedy Rosario. ( Kennedy Rosario and Frank Bocanegra go back many years when Miami Dade Police was Metro Dade Police Dept.)

Town of Miami Lakes resident and friend Mr. John Collins stated to me that an investigation that MDCOE Investigator Kennedy Rosario was conducting on Town of Miami Lakes City Official Nancy Simon needed to be burried,and Rosario did. Rosario obstructed the investigation causing much damage in and out of a civil court case in Miami Dade County Court Case # 2008-19978-CA-01. ( THE 1st. JUDGE IN THIS CASE: RONALD FRIEDMAN ) I asked John how did he get this information, and John Collins stated to me that many years back he was with Metro Dade Police Public Corruption Unit, and that he (John) was Investigator Kennedy Rosario’s boss. During the time of this investigation of Miami Lakes Official Nancy Simon, Kennedy Rosario was in telephone contact with Mr.John Collins informing of what was going on. I asked John to please go forward with this information and he stated to me, ( ” Look at Mary, see how old she is, they will destroy her at the Town Council”), and he continued to state: thru out this investigation Miami Dade Commissioner Natacha Seijas has been daily calling our home putting pressure on this matter. *Note Mr.John Collins wife is Town Of Miami Lakes City Official Mary Collins.

This is not the first time that investigator Kennedy Rosario does wrong.

Kennedy Rosario when he was with Metro Dade Police, Rosario and Judge Ronald Friedman where part of a case that involved malice, phony evidence, entrapment, and violating a citizens civil rights. The case had to be transferred to Federal Court.

It is a conflict Miami Dade Police Public Corruption involvement into this matter. Justice will not pervail.

Frank Bocanegra and Nancy Simon should be brought to Justice just like anybody else that unlawfully wrongs another citizen’s.


* NOTE: Many new the lawless injustice that Gus Abella was facing, and they informed him who was obstructing his complaint.

And most of them either where demoted or transferred or pressured. ( CORRUPTION)

Miami Dade Police Department Director James Loftus’s Executive Secretary Teresa was demoted to property because she believed what Gus Abella was going thru was wrong.

Teresa witnessed how MDPD Public Corruption Major Carlos Garcia did everything he could for this matter to not be looked in to.

Gus Abella knew and had knowledge clearly of the injustice being done by a few at Miami Dade Police Department.

Miami Dade Police Investigator Joseph Diaz was confronted and wronged by Frank Bocanegra at the Town of Miami Lakes City and Police department parking lot just because Gus Abella brought in a video from a camera from his apartment that evidenced a woman being robbed.

Present was SGT. Barrach and Detective Joseph Diaz. Det. Jose Diaz was transferred not to long after.

Ex Miami Dade Police Pubic Corruption Investigator John Collins was contacted by Kennedy Rosario while he was investigating Nancy Simon, John Collins informed Gus Abella of what Kennedy Rosario was told to do about the investigation. BURY IT.

Angela Garrison the first Town of Miami Lakes manager and the one that did the original contract with Miami Dade Police, to Police The Town of Miami Lakes, after seeing and witnessing all the injustice that was being done to the Abella family by Nancy Simon and Frank Bocanegra,

On 03/10/2010, Mrs. Garrison accompanied Miriam and Gus Abella to a private meeting with Miami Dade Police Director James Loftus , Unfortunatley at this meeting attended Public corruption Major Carlos Garcia. When Mrs. Garrison spoke inrefernce toseveral issues minutes latter Loftus quickley got up from his chair and told Garrison and to not say another word, and took her out of the room to speak in private to her, they latter returned to the room and the meeting ended shortly after.

Weeks after Mrs. Angela Garrison was arrested in the privacy of her backyard conducting a EASTER EGG Hunt with children and parents. The Garrisons and their 2 daughters had to move out of Miami lakes and sold there home. Case is in Southern District Court. ( Lawless Retribution )

Many at Villas of Miami Lakes condo have been intimidated by Kennedy Rosario, there is evidence of many after being confronted by Kennedy Rosario have changed there statements in a court proceeding in Miami Dade County Court Case # 2008-19978-CA-01.

How much more has this group covered up? 



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