A Letter From A Reader: Town of Miami Lakes Nancy Simon and Miami Lakes Police Commander Frank Bocanegra need to be brought to Justice

The Tallahassee O received the below e-mail from one of our readers in which they also sent this information to the Washington, D.C. FBI Field Office.


Town of Miami Lakes Nancy Simon and Miami Lakes Police Commander Frank Bocanegra need to be brought to Justice

The Garrison family and the Abella family need Justice to prevail A.S.A.P.

Mrs.A. Garrison cell# 305-439-4431 / Mr.G. Abella cell# 305-305-6622.
Justice needs to pervail in this matter.
Many have not had that opportunity in this State of Florida as you can see below.
All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
All this needs to be investigated with a Law Enforcement agency outside of Florida. A.S.A.P.
January 27, 1985 –   
After Simon had fired eight or nine shots with the .22 caliber pistol, Corso and Del Panta were still screaming and moving.   Simon then pulled his .45 caliber automatic pistol and shot Corso and Del Panta in the backs of their heads.
View Federal Case:

964 F.2d 1082  UNITED STATES of America, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. Carlos SIMON, Defendant-Appellant.No. 90-561

July  27, 2006.

Town of Miami Lakes resident  Robert H. Crawford shot in the head and dies.  MDPD conclusion shot himself.


Miami Dade County Record Book/Page 25935/1979. Death  Rec.

September 24, 2007.   Marriage

Carlos Ramon Simon D.O.B. Dec. 2, 1956

Gunilla Crawford        D.O.B.  July 10, 1947

Marriage License Bureau – Search Results
                ** Click on the License to see more details **
License Number Status Marriage Date   Groom’s Full Name Date of Birth
  Bride’s Full Name
2007-019364 MARRIED* 10/06/2007 CARLOS     RAMON   SIMON 12/02/1956
NEW SEARCHMODIFY SEARCH Displaying                             1-                            1 of                             1 records                       

Carlos Ramon Simon is  ex  Town of Miami Lakes Councilwoman Nancy Simon brother.

Ex Town of Miami Lakes City Official Nancy Simon resides at  6980 GLENEAGLE DR.  MIAMI LAKES FL 33014  ,  approx 8 house’s from the late Robert H.Crawford and now her new sister in law Gunilla Crawford.


There needs to be serious looking into many things that have and are taking place.

The Town of Miami Lakes Police Commander was Frank Cole Bocanegra.

Frank Bocanegra and Nancy Simon apart from kissing buddies where long time friends since Hialeah.

Frank Bocanegra and Nancy Simon unlawfully wronged many in the Town of Miami Lakes.

Bocanegra  participated and covered up/ obstructed much of  the unlawfulness Nancy Simon committed to many resident of Miami Lakes.

Bocanegra attended many parties with the Simon’s in Miami Lakes.

Many of the complaints filed at the Miami Dade Commission on Ethics by Miami Lakes residents and Miami Lakes Police Officers against Town of Miami Lakes Police Commander Bocanegra and Nancy Simon were obstructed and burried by MDCOE Investigator Kennedy Rosario.   ( Kennedy Rosario and Frank Bocanegra go back many years when Miami Dade Police was Metro Dade Police Dept.)

Town of Miami Lakes resident and friend Mr. John Collins stated to me that an investigation that MDCOE Investigator Kennedy Rosario was conducting on Town of Miami Lakes City Official Nancy Simon needed to be burried,and Rosario did. Rosario obstructed the investigation causing much damage in and out of a civil court case in Miami Dade County Court Case # 2008-19978-CA-01. ( THE 1st. JUDGE IN THIS CASE: RONALD FRIEDMAN ) I  asked John how did he get this information, and John Collins stated to me that many years back he was with Metro Dade Police Public Corruption Unit, and that he (John) was Investigator Kennedy Rosario’s  boss. During the time of this investigation of Miami Lakes Official Nancy Simon, Kennedy Rosario was in telephone contact with Mr.John Collins informing of what was going on.   I asked John to please go forward with this information and he stated to me, ( ” Look at Mary, see how old she is, they will destroy her at the Town Council”), and he continued to state: thru out this investigation Miami Dade Commissioner Natacha Seijas has been daily calling our home putting pressure on this matter.  *Note Mr. John Collins wife is Town Of Miami Lakes City Official Mary Collins.

This is not the first time that investigator Kennedy Rosario does wrong.

Kennedy Rosario when he was with Metro Dade Police, Rosario and Judge Ronald Friedman where part of a case that involved malice, phony evidence, entrapment, and violating a citizens civil rights. The case had to be transferred to Federal Court.

It is a conflict Miami Dade Police Public Corruption involvement into this matter.  Justice would not pervail.

Frank Bocanegra and Nancy Simon should be brought to Justice just like anybody else that unlawfully wrongs another citizen.

It would be interesting to see if in the incident January 27, 1985, if at that time Metro Dade police officer Frank Cole Bocanegra , patroled, had any part in the investigation, and what was his relationship to Simon’s.

In July 27, 2006 When Mr.Robert Crawford  apparently shot himself in the head, who was the  very first arriving Town of Miami Lakes Police Officer ?  Was it Commander Bocanegra ?

From time that Bocanegra and the Simons lived in the City of Hialeah, what was there relationship?

How often did Frank Bocanegra partied with the Simon’s ?

Bocanegra http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66pd7abqCts&feature=youtu.be .

It is a crime what certain City Officials and Town Police have done and are doing to residents in Miami Lakes


EVIDENCE THAT : Florida is the most corrupt state in the nation and is getting worse by the day.  Who polices the police?  We need an independent organization that is dedicated to government fraud.




Dont let Nancy Simon, Frank Bocanegra and this little Lawless group get away with their crimes.

Help be the part that allows Justice to prevail in the unlawfulness done to the Garrison and Abella and other Familes

In Miami Dade County.


A victim of this LAWLESS group.

NOTE:  * Miami Dade County Commission Ethics Investigator Kennedy Rosario has covered up and obstructed complaints and Investigations  filed against Town of Miami Lakes City Official Nancy Simon and  Town of Miami Lakes Police Commander Frank Bocanegra. This lawless act has caused several  Town of Miami lakes residence great damage and will be uncovered if Frank Bocanegra colleagues at Miami Dade Police Department allow and do not continue to interfere in Justice to prevailing in these matters.



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