A Letter From Our Reader Cynthia Harlow About Leon County Government, LCSO And Animal Abuses

The Tally O wants our readers to have a voice against public corruption and waste of government resources in our American Democracy.  The Tally O does not confirm or deny the accuracy or facts for the information provided below by one of our readers. 


A Letter From Our Reader Cynthia Harlow About Leon County Government, LCSO And Animal Abuses


Supporting Documents Received:

#1 — Photo Of Malnurished Doberman Dog

#2 — Photo Of Bleeding Puppy

#3 — Courtview Cases Of Dubious

#4 — Courtview Cases Of Harlow

#5 — Leon County Sheriff’s Office Complaint

From: cyndifsu@hotmail.com

To: publicinfo@myfloridahouse.gov

CC: akinyemia@leoncountyfl.gov; longv@leoncountyfl.gov; rosenzweiga@leoncountyfl.gov; zieglerr@leoncountyfl.gov; campbell@leoncountyfl.gov; hertzd@leoncountyfl.gov; thieleh@leoncountyfl.gov

Subject: Leon County Government

Date: Thu, 17 May 2012 07:24:28 -0400

I am writing to get help with an on-going issue in Leon County relative to Animal Abuse and/or neglect that has now escalated into something much deeper.  I have wrote and/or called every local agency I can think of to no avail since ~9/09.  I now feel as though I am being harassed by the Leon County Sheriff’s Office due to an incident that occurred on 5/4/12 as well as another incident that happened yesterday 5/15/12.    I  have documentation relative to Animal Control’s recent “citations” I received that I feel prove harassment on their part as well as emails that show our Animal Control Director is not a truthful person.  Please check his statements relative to the recent case on Wide Road made to WCTV where he was caught in yet another lie.  A citizen literally had to break the law to get him to admit the dogs on Wide Road were not being properly cared for.  Why? I will not stop until I get some help for these animals as well as the citizens on the Southside of Leon County.  I am determined and tenacious and have vowed to keep emailing until my words reach the right person.  Please take the time to meet with me (or have someone from your staff do so) and review the documentation I have gathered before you make a determination or form an opinion based on what you may hear.  There is something going on in Leon County that is not kosher and up until I was asked by Sgt. Debbie Hertz at Leon County Sheriff’s Office “not to cc Larry Campbell on anymore of my emails”  I thought it was only an Animal Control issue.   The same evening (5/4/12) that I did not comply with her request I was harassed at my home at approximately 11pm for Animal Control to write me a citation.  It took approximately five deputies, an Animal Control Officer , as well as a K-9 officer taking a  “sworn statement” about a chain that was inside my fence?  The entire incident lasted approximately 5 hours.   A LCSO Sgt. literally stepped in front of me (see attached) and wouldn’t let me get my son to witness what was taking place on three separate occasions that evening.  I have never been so scared in my life! I now live in fear in my own home as each day seems to present a new “investigation” into something I am supposedly involved in based on the word of Judy Dubois.  Judy Dubois is an habitual liar and a drain on Florida taxpayer’s but is somehow still credible in Leon County.  I tried to get an injunction against her this past week (as many others have done before to no avail) to stop the harassment from her but truthfully am now more fearful of our local law enforcement than I am of Judy Dubois. Please help me.   I am being harassed simply because I  tried to help animals and couldn’t get Animal Control to do their job.  I have attached a few documents to support my email and also have dozens of individuals who can substantiate my claim if they can do so without fear of prosecution.  I have tried to get help at the County level but it has been over a week since I emailed commissioner Akineyemi and still have not been granted so much as a meeting so I am now writing you all. 

Thanking you all in advance.

Cynthia Harlow 850-545-7082

Date: Wed, 9 May 2012 09:13:02 -0400

From: TrammellC@leoncountyfl.gov

To: cyndifsu@hotmail.com

Subject: Re: FW: Leon County Animal Control

Ms. Harlow,

Please call me at your convenience and we will work to set up an appointment.
Thank you, Carmen
Carmen Trammell
Aide to Akin Akinyemi
Leon County Commissioner, At-Large
301 S. Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301
(850) 606-5379 direct
(850) 606-5303 fax

>>> Cyndi Something cyndifsu@hotmail.com> 5/4/2012 2:48 PM >>

Commissioner Akinyemi,
Please help me.  I am writing to you based on the request of Florida House Representative, Alan Williams.  I have tried for numerous years to get help from Animal Control (as well as multiple other agencies in Leon County) in reference to an animal hoarder that lives in my neighborhood.  This person is very well-known in this community for being a nuisance to numerous county agencies and citizens yet nothing seems to get accomplished.  The amount of taxpayer resources this person alone is consuming via (Animal Control, LCSO, Code Enforcement, Clerk of Courts, Health Department and State as well as Federal Agencies is astounding) and could easily fund at least two additional residents for employment in Leon County!   Please check two names, Judy Dubois and Christine Winckelmann as their records speak for themselves. I have pleaded with the director of Animal Control, Richard Ziegler for many years to do something about Judy Dubois.  I recently found documentation that implied Judy Dubois was brought up on charges of animal cruelty and or neglect in 2006 (CJIS Case #2006MM5391A1)  but this person still has animals?   As of today the amount of dogs at 3651 Robin Road was reported to a LCSO as approximately 50 dogs!!    I would guess the property is about an 1/2 acre.   The director of Animal Control was recently caught in two lies relative to Christine Winckelmann (saw no violations on property at Wide Road until citizen was forced to break law, jump fence and leak pictures to media) and within the last week also lied to me about a lock belonging to Animal Control on a vacant property at 3658 Robin Road.  This is the same property I had to beg Animal Control to help me with approximately 2 years ago.  At that time the count was approximately 25 dogs but Ms. Dubois “finds” a lot of dogs which would explain the new count of 50.   The property was literally infested with rats as shown in the video I provided to the Leon County Health Department.  The animal laws were supposedly recently updated (9/2/11) yet we still have neighborhoods with 50+ dogs! What was the purpose of the revision if this kind of behavior is still being allowed? I was given notice by Animal Control to provide proof of rabies for my cat.  On what grounds?  I feel as though I am now being harassed by this agency.  I stopped by their office today (5/3/12) to pick up a citation Animal Control has issued me.   Judy Dubois alleged my cat was photographed on the property at 3658 Robin Road. Ron Davidson the AC Officer who issued the citation was not in the office today so I was rudely told by Stacey (front desk) I would have to wait for him to return from the field.  I have a full-time job and I am a single parent and waiting at Animal control or making a return trip when the paperwork should have been there seems irresponsible on this agencies part.  I specifically told Officer Davidson when the notice was left on my door I would pick the citation up on 5/3/12.  Also, my cat would have had to jump a fence that is approximately 8 feet tall and enter a yard with a Great Dane running loose or this citation to be valid.   The Great Dane being kept on the property at 3658 Robin Road is a direct violation of Section 4.36 iv (please don’t quote me on that exactly as I am tired) but this issue has been ignored although I have made multiple calls to both Animal Control and LCSO.  This is yet another waste of my time because of lies told by Judy Dubois.  She frequently calls in false police reports as well as calls my employer (FSU)  and harasses me at my job.  As far as I have been told there is no proof that Judy Dubois even has claim to the property located at 3658 Robin Road (Parcel ID#41142060000.)  There does however seem to be a problem with how the taxes were assessed on this property.  There are approximately 12 years of taxes that were paid that showed NO structure on the property though the mobile home was and still is on property.  I called the Tax Collector’s office about this approximately two years ago and the issue has still not been addressed or resolved.  I feel the taxes that weren’t assessed are still owed to Leon County.  There are also no taxes being paid at 3651 Robin Road (Parcel ID#4114207340000.)    I am in the process of figuring out why.   The tax collector’s sites states there “may” be a previous exemption that is no longer valid.  If that is even a possibility why would our County  not “may”be collect taxes that are owed?  How do other residents of Leon County apply for exemptions that “may” be valid? I have been dealing with this issue since September of 2009 and have still not received any type of resolution.  I have contacted legal counsel as I can’t sleep and have started having frequent headaches and nausea due to this on-going issue.  I have friends, family co-workers, even my doctor can attest to the stress this situation is causing me and the amount of time and money I have spent simply trying to get Animal Control to do the job we taxpayer’s are paying them for.  I am in no way implying ALL of our Animal Control employees are lacking but I can assure you based on my experience very few employees in this department are productive, proactive or helpful.    I have more documentation than you would probably care to see if you would like. I have asked  any and every agency in Leon County that I can to please, please help me.  The residents on the Southside of Leon County are fighting a losing battle trying to find peace in our own home.  Please feel free to check my name about calls relative to Judy Dubois as there have been many.  I have been a citizen of Leon County for most of my adult life and my youth but my name was seldom, if ever heard until September of 2009.  I have pictures of the Doberman that I watched starved to death in September of 2009 -the same month I started calling.  Please also check calls relative Judy Dubois and Christine Winckelmann that weren’t from me.   I can be reached at 850-545-7082 should you like to speak to me.  Thank you so much for your time.  Any help or guidance you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
Cynthia Harlow 850-545-7082

Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 09:19:37 -0500

Subject: RE:
I understand the frustration you have, however I cannot prove she stole the dog. She has an ad on craigslist and a missing animal report with the shelter. If an owner does not come forward within 30 days Judy can keep the dog. If you feel you must involve LCSO, then that is what you need to do.  If an owner comes forward and can prove it is their dog with rabies vax, pix or some type of proof, and Judy refuses to give up the dog criminal charges can be pursued.
Thanks Dot
Dot Penton, Animal Control Officer
501-b Appleyard Dr. Tallahassee, Fla 32304
Ph:850-606-5412 Fax 850-606-5401
>>> Cyndi Something <cyndifsu@hotmail.com> 1/11/2012 6:38 PM >>>
I have pictures of the dog that is missing.  If you are worried about the dog being sick and a place to stay in the interim, I’ll be glad to keep it.  I have seen the conditions the dogs in Judy’s care are subjected to.  The dog will not be left in the care of Judy DuBois without me taking further steps to have the dog removed.  Please let me know if I need to keep the dog until the owner has claimed the dog.  If I need to contact the Leon County Sheriff’s Office to file a report please let me know.  Again, thanks for your help with this.  Please let me know what Richard says about getting this dog back from Judy. 


Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 10:55:05 -0500

From: PentonDo@leoncountyfl.gov

To: cyndifsu@hotmail.com


We picked up a brown pit bull  but not a blk/wht pit from Judy on 01/09. She was not home the officer went to get the blk/wht dog. I will call the shelter and do a lost animal report in case someone is looking for it. I will let Richard know that she has not given us the dog as of today 01/11. If she has an ad on craigslist that should be good. Usually when we take animals to shelter they do get sick. I will make sure all the facts are covered at the animal shelter and hopefully an owner will come forward.
Thanks Dot
Dot Penton, Animal Control Officer
501-b Appleyard Dr.
Tallahassee, Fla 32304
Ph: 850-606-5412 Fax 850-606-5401


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13 Comments on “A Letter From Our Reader Cynthia Harlow About Leon County Government, LCSO And Animal Abuses”

  1. karina Says:

    Someone had called me and had told me about this. Judy lady she had saw my dog. In okaloosa county destin florida roaming free and lost pick him up small maltese. And took him to leon county.she is aware that im looking for my dog and seen my post. i called my local sheriff and they had said they. Cant do nothing since we have no proof. What can i do to get my sweet puppy back i have all his shots and papers foto and all . She a sick person and trust me i will find away to jam her in the cell


    • Kelli Kinney Says:

      Did you find out any further information….because i was also called by an older lady saying she new who had my dog….you can see my story below….this is ridiculous!!!


    • JustoneGable Says:

      This same this has happened with my wife and I’s dog. We live in Lynn Haven, FL, about 2 blocks away from this Judy Dubois’ brother (who allegedly collects the dogs.) We have posted fliers and craigslist ads, then today we received an anonymous call from an elderly woman in the area giving me the address of 3651 Robin Rd in Tallahassee and explains my dog has been taken there to have her train her Pitt Bulls. The lady on the phone wouldn’t give me her name but she said she has dealt with these people before. She noted that Judy Dubois has the Leon County Sheriff’s Office in her pocket and that nothing will happen if I call them. Is there room for vigilante justice in these times?


      • betty Says:

        Same thing just happened to me. What a crazy kook! Stop getting your jollies by prank calling people about their missing dogs!! I AM MISSING MY DOG, don’t you think I am stressed out enough?! Fuck off, old lady.

  2. Kelli Kinney Says:

    I was called on January 4, 2013 at 1030pm, by a private number. This lady said she was calling me on her break at work, but she had to let me know what was going on. She said he name was “Amanda” she knew who had my dog, and it was a lady named Judy Dubuis, that she stole my dog from the Cowarts area and has my dog inside of a small cage locked inside of an abandoned trailer with no electricity on the 3658 Robin Rd. I said okay thank you so much, I will be driving down in the morning to go get her. “Amanda” told me not to waste any time and to come immediately, that she was afraid of what would happen to my dog. That she was in this small cage laying in her own urine and feces!! So my roommate and I loaded my 4 year old in the car in his pajamas and headed down the 2 hour drive to get my dog!! When i got to Tallahassee, I called the Leon County Sheriff’s Dept. and they told me that they would not go to bother her at 2am…that this was a scam…they have been dealing with this for 3 years and that even the next morning that they would not assist me and go to the house with me to see if this person had my dog. They said let me guess you had a missing dog ad online and you got a phone call or an email?? They claimed that there is a neighbor that is unhappy with her and her “shelter” that she has. So basically I was scammed and there was nothing that could be done about it. They would not be a mediator in this. So I felt I was getting nowhere…I did drive by the property and it was disgusting…if there are animals all in that property then yes something needs to be done…it was gross and looked like a dump.
    I decided to go ahead and drive back home. I was getting nowhere with this and it was really late…I didn’t get home until 4am and I was still just upset and really confused on the entire ordeal. Saturday afternoon I did a little more digging and I found this website and I called the lady Cynthia Harlow. She called me back and we talked about what had happened and she too told me I had been scammed and she was so sorry that this has happened. It is trying to get blamed on her, that she is the one making these phone calls…but I promise you Cindy is not the one making the calls…it is a different lady. This “Amanda” lady that called me was an older lady. I felt more confident in the fact that this was truly a scam and my dog is still just missing or someone has her, but I do not believe she is in Tallahassee, FL.
    Saturday late afternoon I got a phone call that came up as private caller and I answered it and it was “Amanda” again!! I told her what the police told me and that I have talked to a neighbor to confirm what the police were saying and she sounded so sincere….said “no mam, I would have no reason to scam you, I wouldn’t be gaining anything from telling you this, I just want you to have your dog back.” She said that she knew that Judy Dubuis has connections with the LCSD and that more than likely they wouldn’t do anything about it and that is why she said I would have to call and say one of this Judy ladies dogs bit me and that would be the only way that I would get the police out there to do anything about it. But I told “Amanda” that I wasn’t going to do anything illegal and lie to the police. She said she understood…So I started asking her questions about how she even saw my dog and she said that she is friends with Judy’s brother and he had to go over to her place to check on something and that Judy was bragging about this dog that she had found. “Amanda” told her that she was sure someone was looking for her and Judy told her that she should mind her own business… “Amanda” then said that she got online and saw where I was missing a black schnauzer and that she saw my dog and I needed to come get her before Judy did something bad to her. She even gave me her number to call her at work since it was slow I could call her back if I needed to…it was a number that was connected to FSU….not to anyone named Amanda…but with her calling me back it started messing with my mind even more that she was serious and that everyone else was just lying to me, and I was going to go crazy over this. I just want my dog back and don’t want to be messed with. No sense in it…”Amanda” said that she would call me back when she got off of work at 11pm. Saturday night and she would even get Judy’s brother to call me to confirm this story, or maybe he could even go to the location to get my dog….and I agreed that would be great if he could call me and just let me know what is going on.
    Needless to say I never got that third phone call…I haven’t heard back from her at all on Sunday and it is now Monday…so now I am totally believing that it is a scam, and I hope that no one else has to go through all of this like I have. It is senseless and pointless. The person that gets off calling or emailing families that are missing their pets and making them have hope that they are going to get them back is just cruel…If I could find out who this “Amanda” person was I would be sure to file a complaint and have them arrested for harassment or something, I wouldn’t let it go because this shouldn’t just be let go.
    As for Cynthia Harlow, I will do whatever I can to help you, thank you so much for talking to me and letting me know more as to what is going on, and I hope that you are not fighting a hopeless battle, something needs to be done….and it is sad that nothing in 3 years has happened. I hope before someone else drives down to find their pet that they see this website and tries to find out more information on it.

    Kelli Kinney


    • Bonita Says:

      It is so sad when a person has a PERSONAL vendetta and chooses to inflict it upon those of us with lost pets. I had a very similar experience-late night call, private number- with someone claiming Judy had my missing dog. I found a way to get in touch with Judy Du Bois and not only found that she did not have my dog (my dog is home safe and sound and there is not even a remote possibility that Judy had anything to do with it) but she tried to help me find my dog. I have done plenty of research on Ms Du Bois and she is a good soul that tries to rescue abused animals and abandon animals and place them or keep them in far better homes than they had when she came across them. To the person that gets her jollies by calling us, whoever she is, unblock your number and get real. To those of you that get a call that Judy Du Bois has stolen your lost pet, she has not. In fact she will give you great information of things you can do to search in a productive way including her willingness to get out there if she can. Give Judy a break, the animals that have nowhere can count on her when nobody else will help.
      Bonita Willis


      • Concerned Says:

        Judy kills more animals than she helps.

        The conditions described above are accurate. She uses people, has others call for false reports, has friends both with the LCSO and Animal Control.

        All these I know first hand.

        I know for a fact she had some animals buried and some of the others were digging them up and eating them due to hunger. She let ALL the dogs eat together while some were bullied from their food by some who were food aggressive. She administers her own meds, has had cease and desist orders issued from Vet’s due to this.

        She is NOT licensed, does NOT help these animals, does NOT get these animals needed care.

        She hurts these animals more than anything. Animals go “missing” in her care, which some other inside information has proven she is selling those unable to re-home to dog fighters.

        She needs to be stopped…

  3. sarah thomas Says:

    i had i black pit bull with a white chest go missing last year in august 8/2012. I spoke with judy one morning while looking for my dog. it was pooring rain and nobody was around except judy. a few hours after giving judy my hone number i received a blocked phone call stating that my dog was on partridge and estes. which is where Judy houses the dogs she finds. I went over there to check things out and came to relize that this Judy lady has to be tied in with the leon county animal control. DOT PENTON is one. and the LCSO. After that day i received serval blocked calls from the same lady. she always gave fake names. the last phone call i received from her sounded just lke the JUdy lady i had spoke with, she has a ver destint voice. I asked the caller ” are you sure this isnt judy” and the caller was lost for words. she hung the phone up and i didnt receive anymore blocked phone calls. Im saying all of this because in my heart i feel as if its JUdy herself that calls people. by no means do i think its Mrs. Harlow. please feel free to email me if your going through the samething that ive been through. She needs to be stopped one way or another!



      It will be stopped. Its naste and selfish way to be lazy and make money. Do your research and go there your self. Plus contact Many angencies like i have.
      My dog also went missing days before she was due. Stolen people stolen!!!
      I have enough facts, reason to believe and persue. By the grace of god.


      • Jennifer Gibb Says:

        Exactly what happened to me. Only different is 3-5 people have senen Judy Dubois in my area when she claimed to not be there for 5 years. By the way she is unmistakable looking easy to reconize if you ever seen her! She stole my WHITE WITH Blue SPOTS APBT CHARILY. WE have spoken and she said, “I got your dog, she had 9 puppies BEAUTIFUL!, Ive been doing this for four years PROVE IT.” I stated, ” I may not get my dog and puppies back but i will shake the very groud you walk on.” I hung up in furry. That converstation was from her # and not blocked. It was Judy admitting it. Since ive haid several blocked calls, I will NOT give up on my precious dog because she loves me abd i love her. Its loyality Charily gave me that i will return. Cynthia Is a remarkable women. Ive spoken to both Cynthia and Judy and Judy is who called me Dec 3,2013 (DUE DATE FOR DOG) Stating my poor stolen dog had her puppies today. I never put on the add when she was due. Vet appox. Dec 3rd. She was STOLEN November 28,2013. Its called dog flipping. Very profitable for low lifes and 70% rise this year. Judy doesnt have a 501c3 form to run a “rescue”. Akc and ukc is aware of people claiming to be “rescues” when trully breeding stolen dogs including but not limited to; smaller breed, game dogs, overall purebred that become “breeding machines”. Leon county cant do anything without proof so do all you have to do. Take it upon yourself to find your loges ones keeping in mind the heartache and also know your pets loyality. Charily loves me and would want nothing more to be home, she is family to me period. Pray and know that God is above all of this.

  4. Michelle Fontaine Says:

    Jennifer – please file a police report with your local law enforcement agency and with Leon County Sheriff’s Office. Until good people stand up, the evil will continue.


  5. Karri Says:

    To everyone talking about an older woman calling you and saying that she knows where your dog is the same thing just happened to me and my sister, EXCEPT, quite a bit worse. The lady called us, we’re pretty sure it’s the same person that has called all of you, and replied to our ad on Craigslist about our father’s stolen things. He died about a year ago and everything was stolen out of his house. We posted a very sincere Craigslist ad pleading with people to help us find our lost things. We’re 20 and 22 years old and missing our father dearly. The lady called us anonymously and told us she knew exactly where all our stuff was. That was in the back of 3651 Robin Road Tallahassee, everything was there and her ex-boyfriend had stolen it. She instructed us to bring 3 big tough men with us and to not leave until we get our stuff back. Incredibly excited my sister and I got in the car decided against her advice and called the cops instead, eager to retrieve our family heirlooms. When we met up with the police officer she told us it was a scam and the lady that called just doesn’t like the dogs being at the property and was just scamming us. I can not believe how sick a person could be. This woman has taken this to a while new level and should be brought to jail.


  6. Cynthia Harlow Says:

    I am Cynthia Harlow. I am not the “anonymous” caller. In fact, I have received multiple threats including a death threat in July of 2014 because of these calls. I have asked LCSO to investigate these calls numerous times before someone gets hurt due to their negligence but to this date no action has been taken.


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