City backs away from settlement in Erwin Jackson case: Doctor Fights To Circuit Court With Eye Of The Tiger!

City will not settle case with Jackson — Despite admitting that the City was wrong in its actions against Dr. Erwin Jackson with an apology letter and a $75.00 Check to prove wrongdoings, the City Attorney has decided to go to court.  The Deputy City Attorney tells Tallahassee Democrat reporter Jeff Burlew that they have to look out for the taxpayers.  THAT is quite funny!  Instead of paying the $2700.00 or so in the initial legal fees for the small claims earlier — These Idiots are now looking to cost the Tax Payers about $15,000-$20,000 for their continued screw-ups now transfering this lawsuit as going to the Circuit Court in the future as it seems.  We say “Make Them Pay, Dr. Jackson”.  Some Of These Wasteful and Crooked Dummies won’t be keeping their jobs in the next elections!  Hopefully the FBI will reach some of them before the ballot comes.


City backs away from settlement in Jackson case

It looks like the city of Tallahassee may be going to court after all in the small-claims lawsuit brought by Erwin Jackson.

The City Attorney’s Office has rejected Jackson’s latest demands to settle the case — namely that the city pay $6,600 in expenses, write a letter of apology and adopt an ordinance or policy requiring the city to advise or get permission from the City Commission before hiring an outside private investigator.

Jackson, a well-known City Hall critic, sued the city last year after it locked him out of a power-line easement he uses to access an equipment building in the backyard of one of his rental properties in Airport Drive. In a move that sparked controversy of its own, the City Attorney’s Office later hired a private investigator to gather evidence that Jackson was illegally using the equipment building for a commercial purpose in a residential zone.

Deputy City Attorney Lew Shelley said the City Attorney’s Office decided against settling because Jackson’s demands, both monetary and otherwise, have increased.

“If we’re not able to reach a settlement that we think is advantageous to our citizens and our taxpayers, we have an obligation to go forward and let the court decide the matter,” Shelley said.

City Commissioners Gil Ziffer and Mark Mustian, during a meeting March 14, urged the City Attorney’s Office to settle the case. Assistant City Attorney Lou Norvell sent Jackson a letter the next day expressing a willingness to settle, but he sent another letter April 11 saying the city couldn’t meet Jackson’s demands.

Ziffer said that while he initially wanted to settle the case, Jackson since has increased the amount of damages and asked for the “anti-spying” policy, something Ziffer said shouldn’t be tied to a legal settlement.

“It’s not the city attorney’s place to decide what the commission will do” on the policy, Ziffer said, adding he supports a policy that outlines when the city can hire an outside investigator.

Mustian, however, still wants to settle.

“We’d spend more money litigating this than we would if we reached a settlement,” Mustian said, adding he also supports a policy on when and how private investigators can be used.

Jackson, in a news release, said he expects his legal fees and expenses to increase another $10,000 before the small-claims case concludes. He called the city’s decision not to settle “an about face” that “has nothing to do with seeking justice or protecting city assets.”

A bench trial has been set for May 17 before Judge Augustus Aikens.

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April 23, 2012 – 11:13 am by Jeff Burlew Of The Tallahassee Democrat

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