A Reader Writes To Tally O About Alleged Cover-up Of LCSO

We received these letters from one of our readers…we don’t know anything about this story as a media company but sharing with the public.  Our media group cannot confirm the story submitted to us below by a third-party sharing it with our website.  However, we would like to note that Deputy Samuel Bruce Retired Back In 1998 and 2008 Twice with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office.  He later came back part-time in 2009 which appears to still be working with the Department according to FDLE Records of December 2011.  Please click here on this link to see the records of The FDLE For Deputy Samuel Bruce as distributed by The Herald Tribune.
What I have you may want to take a look at that may indicate the continuing cover-up of another murder case…a triple murder case…the Sims triple murder circa 1960’s.
A relative of Sam Bruce, Patricia Sunday, and a former school board member was a childhood friend of a murder suspect in the Sims triple murder case.  A few years ago just after Bruce had retired from LCSO, Sunday went to Bruce with info regarding conversations she had with the murder suspect years ago that was relevant to the case.
A few years ago an author, Henry Cabbage, was doing a supposed book on the Sims triple murder and sued LCSO for a circa 1970’s interview video.  The video was a four hour interview of  the suspect Charlie LaJoie, Campbell, and Det. Greco.  It is revealing, graphic, and eye opening.  Ms. Lajoie tells what happens that night at the Sims house under the guise of a “dream.”
In the video Ms. Lajoe mentioned her friend, Patricia Sunday, and that is how the author came to contact Patricia Sunday and gave Ms. Sunday a copy of the video investigation.  Sunday was able to piece together things that Lajoie had told her through the years that would perhaps give probable cause for two arrests in the Sims murder case. 
Sunday went to her nephew, Bruce, thinking Bruce would take this to Campbell and arrests would be made.
Instead, this may be about the time Bruce went back to work for LCSO and Sunday disappeared.  I think she may have gotten a job with the state out of town.
I believe Lajoie was even a bridesmaid in Sunday’s first wedding.  So they were good friends and I believe Sunday’s info may have been enough to reopen the case.  
The case was never re-opened even though Sunday had info.  Did Bruce receive a job from LCSO to keep him quiet?  Did they find a job for Sunday out of town to keep her quiet? 
Have you seen the 1970’s circa video investigation of Campbell, Greco, and Lajoie? 
I believe arrests should have been made long ago in the Sims murder.  The second suspect was the boyfriend of Lajoie and the son of a famous criminology professor at FSU.
The criminology professor was at FSU the same time Campbell was there.  The professor lived in a home behind the Sims.  The son was about to be arrested for allegedly molesting the youngest Sims girl.  He was also dismissed from the military for schizophrenia and on thorazine.
The patterns is the same years ago as today.  If a murder is committed in Leon County and a well known family is involved as suspects the suspects get a pass from  Willie Meggs and Larry Campbell.  They take it upon themselves to cover it up.  Sims, Harte, Mays…the same pattern continues that dangerous suspects are allowed to not even be investigated much less arrested and brought to trial. 
I am glad to see that a Tallahassee attorney is suing Larry Campbell for destroying records.  It’s about time.
Campbell was the first deputy on the scene of the Sims’ murder in the 1960s.  Campbell had the chance to arrest the perps in the 1970s when the interview he had with one of the suspects revealed probable cause.  Campbell again in 2009 had more evidence but still covers this up and it appears re-hires the retired LCSO employee who had some evidence.
Is Campbell rehiring a retired LCSO employee to supress evidence in a crime he has long been covering up?
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2 Comments on “A Reader Writes To Tally O About Alleged Cover-up Of LCSO”

  1. William Cobra Staubs Says:

    Let me begin with a funny story as told by the late Jerry Clower One day there was a football game wherein Jerry claimed to the ref, ” it’s not fair ref, that team is cheating. They are playing with three footballs. Yea they are. They are passing one, running one and handing off yet another. The ref explained to Jerry, “Son, you all ain’t doing so well with the ‘one’ you got!”
    Every case deserves justice even cold cases, however they arn’t doing so well with the current ones they got! It’s time for a changing of the guard, a new ref if you will.
    Yea, I said that.


  2. Spiderdude Says:

    Good comment. Keep on keeping on man!


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