Why did Sheriff Larry Campbell allow Sgt Lonnie Seay to resign instead of firing and arresting him?

Why did Sheriff Larry Campbell allow Sgt Lonnie Seay to resign instead of firing and arresting him?

Sergeant Lonnie Seay of the Motorcycle Traffic Division was allegedly falsifying his time sheets for worked hours that was stealing from the department.  He was also allegedly having an intimate affair with a subordinate named Rachel Black that’s a married deputy.  There is a current internal affairs investigation in progress from what we are told.  This woman deputy that is married was a subordinate of Sergeant Lonnie Seay in which he was her supervisor.

This isn’t the first time that Leon County Deputies have been talking to our reporters about this SGT. Lonnie Seay.  We ran a story back on November 20th, 2011 that had the following below statements from Leon County Deputies in our reporter notes that we released to the public:

February 4th 2009, Air Crash on the Phipps Property- Two people were dead.  Pilot was found to have drugs in his system according to the toxicology report.  Willie Meggs and Larry Campbell swept it all under the rug because Phipps was a big contributor.  Evidence in case was handed back before case was closed by Lonnie Seay who was the investigator.  Records still exist.

So, Sheriff Larry Campbell — why was this SGT not fired and arrested for his crime of stealing with falsifying his time sheets as everyone is saying?

At the very least, Lonnie Seay should have been fired for his unethical conduct of turning over evidences before a case had been closed because of a cover-up situation.  There’s alot of good ol’ boy favors going around in this Sheriff’s department.  And, is it okay with you that a SGT sleeps with a subordinate that’s married in the Sheriff’s office?  Sheriff Campbell, you are no example to any man being faithful or good ethics.  We hear that your ex-wife took you for alot of money in alimony.  This is probably the reason that you try to continue working as Sheriff at nearly 70 years old past two retirements already now.  It seems like much unethical, illegal and conflict of interest activities are going on under your command!  Just keep sweeping it under the rug Sheriff because we will remember when the FBI shows up to see you and pull out the rug whether before or after this coming election.  You are losing votes by the day for your corruption and cover-ups with this good ol’ boy system with your days numbered in office.

Stealing time that a public servant did not earn is robbing from the tax payers with their money and public trust.

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2 Comments on “Why did Sheriff Larry Campbell allow Sgt Lonnie Seay to resign instead of firing and arresting him?”

  1. thetallahasseeo Says:

    A comment from our reader: Why didn’t he fire or arrest Sgt Seay. Because Sgt. Seay was the scapegoat after the Sheriff ordered him to give back physical evidence to the possible suspect in the case on Phipps Plantation. When the NTSB showed up looking for these items the Sheriff dropped the blame on Sergeant Seay. Claiming he had no knowledge of Seay’s actions. Oh but he did.


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