Willie Meggs-Why Are You Hurting FSU?

We received the below statements by a third-party unknown to us.  We haven’t confirmed any of these statements as true or not regarding Willie Meggs with any other sources.  We do think State Attorney Willie Meggs is “out of his mind” if he thinks banning liquor or beer sales in the city limits is a good idea. 

Many people come to Tallahassee to drink with all the games and parties because of FSU.  Liquor and Beer Sales are good for many businesses in town for keeping jobs.  We certainly don’t think an ordinance would ever pass in Tallahassee or Leon County regardless if Willie Meggs really wants it or not.  We personally have our doubts that he would possibly be thinking about passing any ordinance of this type.  If he really is thinking about this — we certainly need a new state attorney that isn’t as narrow-minded from the times of the prohibition like the 1920’s and 1930’s in America.  Given that this is Tallahassee that often violates the Constitution and Federal Law, this idea of Willie Meggs would not be a surprise but seems completely ridiculous.  That’s fine if Willie Meggs decided not to have an alcoholic beverage but he certainly shouldn’t have any legal right to trample the legal right to others of 21 years and older.


Willie Meggs-Why Are You Hurting FSU?

By: Sam

Tallahassee State Attorney Willie Meggs claims to love Florida State University; The Prosecutor, his wife, and two of their children are all former students. So why is this powerful alumni threatening the very livelihood of the school with a new law?

If elected again in 2012, Willie Meggs plans to brew up an ordinance which would make Tallahassee a dry town. And no, Florida resident, that does not mean he’s going to figure out a meteorological miracle to bypass hurricane season; It means he is going to effectively abolish all alcohol sales within Tallahassee city limits. And that could have some serious implications for Florida State University and other area schools.

Does FSU Have A Reputation Problem?

Florida State University is undoubtedly one of the greatest academic institutions in the country. Some of the University’s graduate and undergraduate programs are considered the very best available. And FSU has consistently earned the title of “budget ivy” in various national publications.

In addition to it’s academics, Florida State also has an excellent athletic program. And many contend that it is this combination of academia and athletics that makes FSU so alluring to students. Of course, this unique blend of great athletics, a vigorous curriculum, and a large student body does have it’s problems. Over recent years, truthfully throughout history, Florida State has built a reputation as a party school. And Willie Meggs, a self admitted teetotaler, doesn’t like that.

Willie Meggs’ ‘Brilliant’ Plan

Willie Meggs plans to change the reputation of FSU by mandating a city-wide ban on alcohol sales. The State Attorney is under the belief that curtailing alcohol sales within city limits will cut down on consumption. Whether you believe in the validity of this argument is really insignificant. Because if Willie Meggs wins the election and passes this ordinance, FSU will need to fix more than it’s reputation.

In all honesty, Florida State suffers from the same alcohol problems as every major school. Wherever you find a large school with a great athletic program, you will find a ‘party school.’ Penn State, Michigan, West Virginia, Ohio, etc. all serve as evidence to back this claim. What Willie Meggs doesn’t seem to understand is that Florida States alcohol problem isn’t really all that bad. Its pretty much on par with every other large academic institution. Willie Meggs only sees it as a problem because he has never taken a drink in his life.

The Consequences Of Willie Meggs‘ Proposal

Unfortunately, if Willie Meggs succeeds on imposing his own personal beliefs on others, it could hurt the school. Like it or not, many High School seniors are looking for a party element. Eliminating that element from FSU will ultimately cause a drop in the school’s enrollment. And that will cause a drop in desire for prospective athletes to play for FSU; Who wants to play to an empty stadium? The declining athletic department will inevitably cause a further decline in enrollment which translates to a decline in tuition income.

Essentially, Willie Meggs’ new law will make the school eat itself alive. If you care about the future of FSU, and Tallahassee in general, do your research on Willie Meggs. The State Attorney may have roots in FSU, but his agenda certainly does not have FSU‘s best interests in mind.

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5 Comments on “Willie Meggs-Why Are You Hurting FSU?”

  1. Bob in Tally Says:

    This is ridiculous. The State Attorney doesnt create or pass ordinances


  2. thetallahasseeo Says:

    We all agree that it’s completely ridiculous! We know that the State Attorney doesn’t create or pass ordinances but he probably has some influence with his friends in the city. He does like to take the law into his own hands to often re-write it. We republished the story since we got it from someone but certainly don’t think it would ever happen. We would never be any non-alcohol sales type city for our Major University. Given the current operations of Leon County and Tallahassee, it’s just a funny story. We just aren’t convinced that Meggs hasn’t thought about this plan.


  3. TampaBay Nole Says:

    Many folks would agree that there are far tooooo many bars within walking distance of the Campus of FSU & FAMU..the city let that happen..


  4. Bubba Says:

    I remember when the Chief of Police would collect rent in his office and Burt Reynolds play 2nd team at FSU and I can tell you that through the years More & More Bars are located near the FSU Campus it the zoning that could change that. This is NOT a good thing for young people to be so into drinking…I think the FSU Admin could put a stop to some of it.


  5. kderos Says:

    You can tell the author if this piece went to FSU because the only thing he understands worse than semi colon usage is logic.


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