Florida State University Police Chief David Perry Hired Amid Unethical And Unprofessional Conducts

Florida State University Police Chief David Perry Hired Amid Unethical And Unprofessional Conducts

It turns out that David Perry was hired by FSU when he was under investigation by South Carolina Department Of Law Enforcement for misconduct and unethical activity at the same time he was under audit at Clemson University.  Was he running from South Carolina?

The 278 page report about FSU Police Chief David Perry prepared by SCDLE is public record; the Clemson audit is also public record and turned up policy violations and demand for re-payment of misspent funds that were never repaid. 

Is integrity such a struggle?  Is it too much to ask that our institutions should do everything possible to recruit people who show evidence of intellectual competence, good judgment and integrity?  There should be greater selectivity of those who hold the public trust.  Integrity must be encouraged and betrayals of it must be rooted out with vigilance.

“ Nothing is corruptible except personal character that will not be corrupted”

Florida State University Should Have Read This Article Before Hiring Police Chief David Perry

Time Lines:

June 2005- South Carolina Law Enforcement Investigation – allegations of misconduct against Chief Gregory Harris and Major David Perry –concluded January 2006. “Found no instances of any criminal wrongdoing but did find instances of “ a lack of professionalism, poor management and an absence of “checks and balances”

September 2005 – FSU Chief Carey Drayton Resigns 

October 2005 – Police Chief Position is advertised (See Job Description) 

October 10, 2005 – David Perry Interviewed by South Carolina Department of Law Enforcement Investigators 

October 18, 2005 – David Perry applies for FSU Chief Job

November 9, 2005 – David Perry submits letters to the Clemson University Auditors reference their ”Special Review”  

November 21, 2005 – Clemson Chief Gregory Harris resigns” personal reasons”

November 28, 2005 – Memorandum from Clemson University Auditors reference “special review” of The University Police Department: Gregory Harris and David Perry

December 2005 – David Perry hired by Florida State University.  Could they have possibly missed the fact that David Perry was under investigation by two agencies?


Please Click On Documents Below For Investigations:

South Carolina Investigative File

Clemson University Auditor Report

SLED Statements and Attachments 1 through 6

SLED Statements and Attachments 7 through 10

SLED Statements and Attachments 11 through 20

SLED Statements and Attachments 21 through 29

SLED Statements and Attachments 30 through 39

SLED Statements and Attachments 40 through 43

SLED Statements and Attachments 44 through 45

SLED Statements and Attachments 46 through 48

SLED Statements and Attachments 49

SLED Statements and Attachments 50



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