Crooked Tallahassee Police Officers Scott Angulo (Badge #746) And Mike Dilmore (Badge #694) Think They Can Violate Constitutional Rights But Not Get Complaints and Lawsuits For It!

These Crooked Tallahassee Police Officers Of Scott Angulo (Badge #746) And Mike Dilmore (Badge #694) Seem To Think That They Can Write Bogus Police Reports And Just “Make Up Their Own Laws” That Violate The United States Constitution!

Crooked Officer Scott Angulo had claimed in March 2008 that he was looking at the website that showed Officer Annette Garrett’s (Badge #640) address after she was harassing the Brayshaw’s on the website for making complaints.  Officer Annette Garrett was rude, abusive and unprofessional in which she doesn’t follow the law with her numerous bogus cases resulting in a stack of complaints and lawsuits.  These Tallahassee Police Officers are worthless in which they constantly check the internet everyday while attempting to threaten, harass, intimidate and censor citizens for speaking out about their crooked actions.  We will just make sure that they get the all more exposed for being dirty cops and let the public be aware of this mafia group of jack-booted thugs.  These Officers strictly waste countless thousands and thousands of dollars of tax payers money.  They fabricate their police reports and make up a false arrest against citizens filing complaints against their sorry police work.

These Officers should all be arrested and fired that work together in this “jack-booted thug” mafia group.

Below are e-mails that we obtained that came from the Tallahassee Police Department under public records request of 119.07.

Based on public records, it certainly seems that public records show the names, addresses and phone numbers of police officers that waste our tax payers money on false arrests for unconstitutional laws on their face that don’t even apply under any circumstances.  Obviously Mike Dilmore didn’t like having a lawsuit delivered to his home address because he doesn’t believe in responsibility, accountability or transparency.  These officers “think” they can treat the public however they like but they can receive federal lawsuits and FBI complaints for their clear disregard of the United States Constitution of the First Amendment with their public corruption and fraud to the public citizenry.

If these police officers can’t follow the law, the public doesn’t need them in law enforcement.  They are wrong and seem to think that they can just violate the United States Constitution, Florida Constitution, Freedom Of Information Act And Public Records Act against citizens with their tyranny and corruption.  Then, they just want citizens to just shut up about it as shown in e-mails.  Well, guess what — That’s not going to happen and these cops will just be more exposed for acting like a couple of morons with little “badges”.

Please See The Following Federal Cases Regarding The Public Corruption Of Officer Scott Angulo, Officer Mike Dilmore and Officer Annette Garrett.  All of these corrupt and dirty cops work together like the mob.  The e-mails clearly show that we have public information in public records regardless if these idiots like it or not.

ACLU Press Release Of Rob Brayshaw Striking Down Unconstitutional Law Of Florida Statute 843.17 That Didn’t Even Apply To His False Arrest By Crooked Cops

Federal Court Order:  Rob Brayshaw V. City Of Tallahassee, State Of Florida (Officer Annette Garrett’s Bogus Case)

Randall Marshall, Legal Director Of The Florida ACLU Also Wrote An Article Regarding This Unconstitutional Law On It’s Face And Maliciously Applied For False Arrest

These police officers obviously don’t protect and serve the public but they “endanger and disregard” with all their public corruption of false arrests that results in complaints and lawsuits.  The fact is that these cops are total pansies that waste tons of tax payers money!  They should be fired and arrested!  It’s much easier to chase an address from a phone book of a bogus law they can make up or handle some other petty situation while selling Avon products to avoid the real police work!  As soon as these crooked cops have their names published in a negative light, they attempt to make up bogus charges against the citizens with their malicious prosecution, abuse of process and conspiracy of working together.  This is while Tallahassee Citizens have the legal constitutional and civil rights to complain and protest about their illegal actions!  If they have a problem with that and try to censor complaints and lawsuits against them, they will receive more!!  These police officers would never be hired in any other police department except for the City Of Tallahassee with their list of screw-ups!  The Tallahassee Police Department has some great officers but these are the worst ones as they use Unconstitutional laws and illegal methods for making false arrests that don’t even apply to the law if it wasn’t even unconstitutional.  All of Brayshaw’s Speeches have been protected as shown in Federal Court.

These individuals should always have their home addresses published because they are being paid as public servants by tax payers dollars or they are working in the wrong field as clearly shown already.  The complaints and claims that officers have tried to make for why they shouldn’t have their information published against doing their jobs properly with accountability has all been rejected in arguments by the Supreme Court!!

So, if these officers don’t want their information published with attempted harassments and censorships for working for us as employees of citizens, we will just make sure that it goes in a Federal Lawsuit and make it highly published about them all because it’s all public records!! 

The Below Officers are being paid to uphold the Constitutions Of The United States and Florida so that’s what they need to do!  Citizens can legally complain about them all and even publish their home addresses and public information as clearly shown in Federal court in the above case along with many others.  These police officers don’t want responsibility, accountability or transparency because then they can’t just run the streets and do whatever they like to the public acting like jerks.

Officer Annette Garrett, 1929 Queenswood Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32303

 Officer Michael Dilmore, 6924 Tomy Lee Trail, Tallahassee, Florida 32308

 Officer Sonya Bush, 1652 Alshire Court North, Tallahassee, Florida 32317

 Officer Scott Angulo, 4232 Carnwath Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32303


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