We Strongly Recommend Lisa Sprague For Leon County, Florida’s Sheriff In 2012!

Lisa Sprague 2012: She will put the “She” back into Sheriff and clean the Dept’s “riff” of the good ol’ boys!

Lisa Sprague running for Sheriff of Leon County in 2012 is a blessing for this community. There are so many great things to say about this remarkable and dedicated professional with her name standing alone not being that of “Larry Campbell”.

The Tallahassee O of the Freedom Of The Press Group, LLC strongly supports this candidate as it’s time for new leadership and new ideas in the Sheriff’s Office. Our newspaper and websites have received so many statements from our readers on reasons why that you should vote for Lisa Sprague.  If you have been reading all of our stories, you certainly know why Sheriff Larry Campbell is currently unfit to be a Sheriff in the Department.  There is just so much public corruption for cover-ups among the good ol’ boys for protecting themselves and not the public citizenry as sworn to do for protecting and serving the community.  Numerous deputies have been arrested in the last few years for illegal criminal activities and conducts unbecoming of officers.

This Leon County Sheriff’s Office needs a new leadership and the time is now for Lisa Sprague to Put the “She” back into Sheriff and clean the department’s         “riff” of these good ol’ boys!  Please visit her website and facebook page to read about her excellent track record and qualifications in law enforcement:




Lisa Needs Your Help To Win This Election To Make Big Changes In Leon County For A Better Community!  She Requires 1600 Petitions to get on the Ballot next November in running for Sheriff.  She still needs several more!  We would greatly appreciate if you could print one from her website at http://lisaforsheriff.com/ for registered voters of Leon County And Mail them to the address on the website.

We would also appreciate if our readers could donate any money in helping the campaign as it takes thousands of dollars to run a competive campaign in running for Sheriff.  This money will be used for advertising, costs of signs, supplies, campaign management, web site costs, etc.  We thank our readers for your support as it’s past time for new leadership and new ideas!  Lisa is the “She” for the job!

The proper way to clean up this department at this point is to vote and elect a woman with the honesty, integrity, skills and qualifications of Lisa Sprague in 2012 for new ideas and new leadership!  The time is now for our change in the community instead of the same riff of good ol’ boys. 

We personally thank all of our readers for any support in this matter to better our community in Leon County!  This message is strictly a political recommendation by Citizens to our readers to help make the Leon County community better in the future by people that care.


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