We Recommend Barbara Hobbs For Leon County, Florida’s Circuit Judge Of Circuit 2, Group 2

Barbara Hobbs

Barbara Hobbs For Leon County, Florida’s 

Circuit Court Judge Of Circuit 2, Group 2

In less than a year now in Nov. 2012, local area voters will select a candidate to fill an open seat in the circuit court serving Leon and five surrounding counties.  Barbara is strong on compassion and well respected in the legal community as a criminal attorney, especially in dealing with children and juveniles.

We support Barbara Hobbs, who last year ran against Karen Gievers, for an open seat in the 2nd Judicial Circuit Court with a close election vote last year.

The 16 circuit judges serving Leon, Wakulla, Franklin, Gadsden, Jefferson and Liberty counties hear cases involving felonies, large civil suits, domestic relations, probate and juvenile crime.  Because this circuit is in the seat of Florida government, these judges are also assigned cases with statewide ramifications.

An experienced criminal attorney, Ms. Hobbs is in the courthouse nearly every day, and has been for some 30 years.  Practicing in almost every area of law, she well knows its rewards and the challenges of an overburdened system.

Ms. Hobbs also brings badly needed diversity to this bench.  The 2nd Judicial Circuit has had only one black judge in its history and has none at this time. First District Court of Appeal Judge Nikki Clark was appointed to the circuit bench in 1993 by former Gov. Lawton Chiles, making her the first black person and first woman judge in this circuit.

The Tallahassee Democrat also endorsed Barbara Hobbs last year for being well prepared for the judiciary.  We express these exact same opinions that the Tallahassee Democrat shared in their newspaper and website with their readers.  The Tallahassee O and/or The Tallahassee Observer has no business relation to the Democrat but will also support some of the same candidates running at different times in the future.

Ms. Hobbs is a native of Tallahassee who grew up in the Springfield community off of Basin Street and graduated from Godby High School. She earned her undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Minnesota and her law degree from Florida State University’s College of Law.

Ms. Hobbs brings a broad range of legal experience to the campaign. She has worked in the anti-trust division of the Attorney General’s Office, in the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, and as general counsel for the Department of Transportation in Miami.

For the past 15 years she has practiced primarily criminal law in Tallahassee. She is a strong advocate for mental health court, drug court and diversionary programs. Ms. Hobbs is especially concerned with young people who are at-risk and has worked with mothers as they overcome drug addictions.

Barbara Hobbs is a very capable lawyer and we believe that it is long past time that such a critical position as circuit judge be more reflective of our community.

We encourage you to vote for Barbara Hobbs on Nov. 2012 As Our Personal Recommendation To Our Readers.

Our Freedom Of The Press Group, LLC would like to advise our readers to please help Barbara Hobbs collect the 3600 Petitions that she greatly needs in order to get on the Ballot.  It will also take much of the community’s support to collect donations for her running in the campaign for the costs of ads, signs, supplies, etc. for thousands of dollars!


Please Click On This Link To Print A Petition To Mail To Barbara Hobbs As A Registered Voter In Leon County, Florida!

Please send any Petitions and/or Donations to the Barbara Hobbs campaign directly to her at:

Attorney Barbara Hobbs

Cummings, Hobbs and Wallace, PA

462 West Brevard Street

Tallahassee, Florida 32301

We personally thank all of our readers for any support in this matter to better our community in Leon County!  This message is strictly a political recommendation by Citizens to our readers to help make the Leon County community better in the future by people that care.


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3 Comments on “We Recommend Barbara Hobbs For Leon County, Florida’s Circuit Judge Of Circuit 2, Group 2”

  1. C.s. Says:

    Josefina Tomayo…lol. I will never support that woman for anything. I am a single father of two and She ordered me to pay my ex-wife $1200 and some odd dollars a month. I only bring home roughly $1700. My life has been turned upside down and her only comment to me as she shrugged me off was “Well, youre going to have to get another job or something…I dont know.” Josefina Tomayo is not fair, she is not even logical in her judgement making decisions.


  2. Sarita Says:

    It looks as if Pam Bondi proved to be Tamayo’s undoing. Tamayo’s probably regretting Bondi’s endorsement at this very moment.


  3. Jack London Says:

    Judge Hobbs is incredible ! She listens to everyone, reads all the files before, asked questions from all the people testifying , makes everyone comfortable, and goes all out to find the truth. She is truly a very special person! I hope some day she becomes our Attorney General. Thank God for people like her. If she ever needs help for anything, count me in.
    Jack London


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