Leon County, Florida: Was The David Mays Case A Cover-Up For Murder With The Sheriff’s Office/State Attorney?

Many people in Leon County, Florida have been highly concerned with the investigation conducted by The Leon County Sheriff’s Office in relation to the case of David Mays.  The Mays Family has personally asked the FBI to investigate the original investigation of the LCSO.  Many people have stated that Larry Campbell is an an idiot as a Sheriff.  Many people have claimed that the case is nothing more than a cover-up for murder of David Mays with No Charges Filed Against Anyone after he Received A Shotgun Blast To The Head.  The Records Below clearly show the intel that The ECO and The TO has been able to gather from various sources.  Unfortunately, The Leon County Sheriff’s Office has been withholding records from the public for the actual and full disclosure release of all of their files regarding the case.  Why has the public not been released all the information for “Public Records” regarding this case?  Is it because the investigation was so bad and lack of really being done for a cover-up by the LCSO?  Was there a cover-up by the Sheriff’s Office for the individual alleged by the public citizens as a Murderer?  According to all the reports below, there are many questions unanswered for why charges were never brought against anyone?  We certainly feel that the FBI should investigate considering the lack of an actual investigation that was obviously not conducted by the Sheriff’s Office or the State Attorney involved.  An Individual Gets Shot In The Head By A Shotgun Blast And The Local Sheriff’s Office Claims it’s an Accident And Not a Murder!  How does that come about without being dumb and/or corrupt individuals for the case?  The public needs to decide after reviewing the records for themselves if the investigation was done poorly and a cover-up for murder?  It is a fact that a Male took a shotgun blast to the head while not being alone in the same room at the time.  So, why is the Sheriff’s Office not releasing all of the investigation records to the general public for review of compency for the outcome with any cover-up? Below is some background on the case for what we could obtain with our newspaper sources (including a press conference and radio interview of Acclaimed Attorney David Chester accusing LCSO and Meggs of covering it up–and committing several other federal crimes):


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