An Anonymous Letter Mailed Regarding Leon County Sheriff, Larry Campbell in Florida

Anonymous Letter About Sheriff

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office

A Haven for Discrimination and Racism

The Good Ole Boy System Alive and Well

Where to start, there is much that we, Larry Campbell’s employees, have endured over many years and have kept our mouths shut.  Why, fear of retaliation, nothing would be done, cover ups, you name it.  The morale at the Sheriff’s Office has never been lower.  Major Hayward Walker is at the helm with the Sheriff.  He is one of the most incompetent, so called managers, we have ever seen.  To date, he continually violates peoples rights as employees and creates discrimatory and hostile working environments.  Most recently, he was being briefed on a probable new hire, who may, according to rumor, be under federal investigation.  This so called leader instructed a Capt., to call this candidates employer and ask if they knew anything about it.  His initial background check did not expose anything, so one would assume this agency would probably not know if its false.  But, if this was true, Maj. Walker would have exposed, and possibly hindered a federal investigation.

Maj. Walker was recently questioned by the Sherriff about a former detective, Don Odom, falsifying a probable cause (domestic violence) during the arrest of Joe Deluca Jr’s son.  When this was discovered and exposed during an Internal Investigation (IA), the investigating detective was wordered to alter the IA, which was done.  Maj. Walker, Capt. Rob Swearingen , and Maj. Alan Griner (Commander Of IA) were all aware of this change.  It was ignored because Don Odom is a wealthy friend.  No disciplinary action taken against any member of the Command staff, who ordered the “cover up” of perjury.  The State’s Attorney was also aware of the crime.  Don Odom, was also investigating a rape, also excluded pertinent information from a probable cause that would have lead to the suspect probably not being arrested.  This detective was also the lead detective in a double homicide.  No telling what lies may be in that investigation.

The Sheriff and Maj. Walker were approached earlier this year by a “good ole boy” Lt. (Jimmy Williams), who told them about his emotional and/or physical affair with one of his employees, Dana Green.  These two went on multiple out of town trips together, at the Sheriff’s expense, and she was referred to as the Lt.’s “arm candy”.  She is an analyst and had no legitimate reason to be traveling on most All of his trips.

In today’s struggling economy, the Sheriff’s Office, sent 4 members to Israel on a “training excursion”, in the later part of 2010.  This cost the tax payers of Leon County thousands of dollars.  Who attended, the Adminstrative Major at the time.  The Community Services Major, Lt. Jimmy Williams, and Major Hayland Walker.

Guess what, the Sheriff’s Office is sending another group in a month.  This again will cost the tax payers of Leon County thousands of dollars.

The Sheriff recently approved sick leave payouts to almost all of his upper Command staff who entered drop prior to drop limits being reduced.  This is usually done, but not until they finish their drop.  Thousands and thousands of dollars, but we are in dire straights.

Earlier this year, the Sheriff was meeting with his command staff discussing candidates for the upcoming Sheriff’s race and referred to Tommy Mills as a “nigger” in front of them.  He will probably deny this, but it was said.  If this is a lie, lie they are likely to say, I could have thought up a better one.  Not to discount this inappropriate comment.

Speaking of election business, Maj. Walker on a regular basis earlier this year instructed all of his supervisors after several 9 o’clock investigative meetings, to get the Sheriff’s election signature cards done.  These signature cards are for the purpose of getting the Sheriff’s name on the election ballet, so he would not have to pay the fees.  This was done on a regular basis, during work hours, and these same signature cards were passed around by unit supervisors to their subordinates during normal working hours at the Sheriff’s Office.  This created an environment to where we felt pressured to sign the Signature card or we would be looked at as a “non team player”.  Signature cards were also collected during Pop Warner football games, which is a violation.  Cards can not be collected at county/city parks.

During supervisor meeting, Maj. Walker regularly refers to his members as “mother fuckers” and as unit detectives.

Even though the Sheriff is aware of this incompetent Maj., he does nothing because they are friends.  Nothing wrong with friendship, but when it interferes with moral and exposes a non-leader who regularly breads hate and discontent, something must be done.

The Sheriff and Maj. Walker were also recently made aware of Lt. Bruce Gaines being involved in a domestic dispute in Gadsen County.  This dispute was between the LT. and his mistress.  The Gadsen County Sheriff’s Office responded and made contact with both parties.  The FSU Chief of Police was made aware of this incident and later notified the Sheriff.  A small IA investigation was completed and the LT. was given a small written reprimand.  Others have been fired for less. Lt. Gaines is still a Lt. and SWAT Team Leader.

Speaking of FSU, The Sheriff’s Office has a meeting every year with FSU and discusses the upcoming football season.  During this time, the budget for the deputies salaries are determined at their overtime rate.  Well, when the deputies work the games, they must work 80 hours during that pay period to get the overtime.  If they take off, they are not compensated for their OT, which was billed to FSU as OT.  I think this is fraud.

A few other “good ole boy” issues.  FTO II Deputy Sheriff Todd Lombardo was arrested several years ago for DUI Involving Injuries.  He did not cooperate in the investigation which was done by the Sheriff’s Office.  Guess what, shortly after his criminal case was over, he began driving inmates back and forth to court and is now on FTO II in Uniform Patrol.  But the Sheriff is a big no surprise supporter of DUI and MAD.  Innocent people die everyday by people just like Lombardo, but in this case they choose to look the other way.

Detective Derek Terry was investgiated for sexual misconduct with a victim of a crime.  Yes that is right!  During an investigation, he used his position to influence a victim into having an affair with him.  TPD received a complaint that this detective “raped” her and conducted an investgiation and surveillance on him.  After becoming suspicious that he was being investigated, Detective Terry went to the Sheriff and told him.  The Sheriff moved Terry to the jail to protect him.  What about the female victim Sheriff?  Is she not as important as a detective who cleans your deer, buys you a deer stand and pours out your corn using a Sheriff’s Office pick up.  That’s also right, he hunts in his department issued vehicle with the Sheriff.  Detective Terry is now back on the Law Enforcement side of the Sheriff’s Office.  God and the Sheriff only know who he is currently victimizing now.

Sgt. Rob Pace was recently investigated for entering a home to check on the welfare of the homeowners.  A burglary occurred in a neighborhood and units along with Sgt. Pace responded.  While looking around this neighborhood, they began checking houses for the suspects.  Sgt. Pace discovered an unlocked door on the residence.  He opened the door and called out to anyone who may have been inside.  He received no answer,  acting in good faith, he entered the residence and encountered a homeowner.  After explaining the circumstances, the homeowner understood.  Later an IA complaint was filed and served on Sgt. Pace.  The service did not have an ”alleged” violation listed.  This was a violation of his officer bill of rights.  He was removed from his responsibility as an FTO Sergeant and moved prior to being found guilty of any wrong doing, which is a regular practice at the Sheriff’s Office.

The Sherriff was recently made aware of a death investigation involving a local prominent attorney, Don Pumphrey.  During the investigation, sexually explicit photographs of this attorney and the deceased female were found.  A CD copy of these photographs were made and given to the Sheriff at his request.  One would assume that keeping and requesting such “EVIDENCE” for personal reasons is a violation.  It is known that the Sheriff’s son, Jack Campbell, is interested in running for State Attorney at some point.  Pumphrey is also interested in this office or he was prior to this CD copy being made.  Black male maybe.

Lt. Tim Baxter was given a written reprimand for a vehicle accident involving his agency vehicle.  His vehicle “bumped” another and caused no damage.  This is not an accident per Florida Statute.  He was given this punishment anyway by the Sheriff’s incompetent staff.

The Sheriff and his Command Staff chose to discipline employees based on your “good ole boy” status and if you are “in” or not.

It’s almost 2012, but the Sheriff’s Office is being run as if we were in the 1970′s.

To those of you who are interested, this is just a small glance at your Sheriff’s Office and its, in my opinion, corruption.

A public records request of the Sheriff and his Command Staff members emails may reveal a multitude of racially and sexually explicit emails.  Email games involving the shooting of illegal persons crossing borders in the US, pornographic pictures, racially motivated emails, etc.

* NOTE:  The Tallahassee Observer Cannot Verify The Facts Or Truthfulness Of This Letter Mailed That We Received — We Do Not Know The Author — This Is Being Provided To The Public Citizenry For Anyone That Would Like To Investigate These Allegations Of The Sheriff’s Office * 


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